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When You Enroll with IWP, Side-Effects Include Caring and Convenience

Pharmacist Consulting with Patient sm

Enrolling with IWP offers more than convenience and reliability, although it provides those in abundance. When someone is hurt while on the job, they often don’t know what to expect. Not only are they in pain, but they are generally also confused and don’t know who to trust.

For many injured workers, the unfortunate truth is that their insurance carrier, and possibly even their employer, may not be looking out for their best interests. This is when frustration sets in, and emotions run high. The main goal of an injured worker is to get back to their regular routine and live a productive life as soon as possible.

Injured Workers Pharmacy helps eliminate the hassle that often comes with trying to fill workers’ compensation medications at a retail pharmacy. With our speedy service, you can focus on getting better, and ultimately, getting back to work.

How to Enroll with IWP Quickly & Easily

Getting started with IWP is quick and simple. The first step is connecting with our Enrollment Team by calling 888-321-7945 for a quick 5-10 minute phone call. To streamline the process, we have a few tips for you to follow. Enrollment will go much more smoothly if you have the following information in front of you:

  • A list of medications related to your workers' compensation injury, as well as any medications that are unrelated to the injury. (Side note: It’s essential to know about all of your medicines so that our Pharmacists can keep an eye out for any drug interactions.)
  • Information about refills on your medications
  • Upcoming appointments with your workers’ comp doctor(s)
  • The date of your injury
  • Basic details about the injury, e.g., which part of your body it affects
  • The claim number for the injury and any other applicable information 

Next, the Enrollment Specialist will transfer you to one of our knowledgeable Pharmacists. He or she will go over the information you’ve provided and offer general pharmacist-patient counseling, like medication concerns and potential drug interactions. That’s because your safety is our first concern.

How We Do What We Do

After you enroll with IWP, we use the information you’ve shared with us to get in touch with your doctors and your local pharmacy to obtain your prescriptions. By reaching out to the pharmacy you currently use, we can ask that they transfer your prescriptions to us. In other cases, we can request that your doctor sends the prescription directly to IWP. Once we have your prescription, we fill it as quickly as possible and ship it to your home for next-day delivery. 

How Our Pharmacy Stands Out from the Rest

The maze of retail pharmacy isn't appealing to us - we like our way better. You get more than medication when you enroll with IWP and you can be sure that we'll go the extra mile so that your prescription care is never interrupted.

If you're interested in enrolling with IWP, please call us at 888-321-7945 or complete our Enroll Now form. We're available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM EST to 8:00 PM EST and Saturdays from 8:00 AM EST to 12:00 PM EST for your convenience. We want to hear your story and help you in any way that we can.

IWP Providing World Class Service to Injured Workers