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For Attorneys

Ease the burden to your office and ensure clients are taken care of with a pharmacy that’s on your team.

The Benefits of IWP

Your injured client is at the center of everything we do. IWP’s goal is to help lawyers and their firms support their clients throughout the recovery process. Make our experience your advantage.


Getting Started Is Fast and Easy!

First, send us your client’s demographics. We’ll contact your client to complete enrollment. Once we have the prescription, the medication is sent the next-day — right to their home.

Get The Most For Your Clients And Firm

IWP provides firms with freedom from:

100 Client calls regarding prescription issues
100 Burdensome paperwork to get important medications
100 Questions and updates your staff typically has to handle
100 Managing prescription prior authorizations
Workers Compensation Attorney

Get Started Today

Your clients are a top priority on their road to recovery. We work collectively with all parties to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for the injured workers you represent – while alleviating administrative work for you.