Happier Patients Tend to Have Better Recovery Outcomes

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Can a positive demeanor have an effect on a person’s recovery? More and more studies are linking a patient’s optimistic attitude to quicker recovery times for injuries, surgeries and illnesses.  

In an article published by ABC News, researchers from the Institute of Work and Health in Toronto found that the better a patient’s expectations about how they would do after surgery or health procedure, the better they did. They also found that patients with a lower level of expectations, or a more pessimistic outlook, did not recover as quickly.

In a similar study, Lake Porter Primary Care and Porter Physician Group of Porter Regional Hospital found that with chronic pain patients, if their mood was good they were in less pain. So what does this mean for injured workers who are dealing with a debilitating injury? Pretty simply, happier patients may be healthier patient.

Feeling optimistic when recovering from a work injury is not always easy – especially when injuries tend to take more than a physical toll. There are a number of ways you can feel more confident about your recovery and better cope with your injury:

  • Establish a connection with your treating physician. By working together and asking the proper questions, you’ll feel more comfortable in their recommended treatment and have greater chance at adhering to their plan.
  • Become involved in your treatment plan. Studies have shown patients have greater satisfaction and adherence when they participate in their care.
  • Keep record of your journey. Feeling angry and unresolved? Jot it down. Researchers in New Zealand found that biopsy patients recovered quicker when they wrote about traumatic events or emotions compared to others who simply wrote down their day-to-day.
  • Meditation can be intimidating and sometimes you might be unsure if you’re actually doing it right. Mediation, or even tuning out in a quiet place, can help reduce stress and make you feel calmer overall.

When recovering from an injury or illness of any sort, having a positive outlook could be the key to helping you feel more stable in your recovery.

Play an Active Role in Managing Your Chronic Pain   


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