4 Ways You Can Celebrate Your Pharmacist


American Pharmacists Month (APhM) is coming to a close, but that shouldn’t stop you from continuing to celebrate your pharmacist. Pharmacists have easily become one of the most accessible providers in health care, specializing in the medications that can help make you feel better. Before APhM ends, be sure to thank your pharmacist for the role they play in your care.

Here are 4 simple ways to celebrate your pharmacist year-round. 

1. Say “Thank you!”

Seems simple enough, right? Pharmacists do more than you might think. From PDMP checks to insurance approvals, their day can often be long and stressful. Next time you speak with your pharmacist, be sure to tell them “thanks” for all that they do. Best part? It’s free!

2. Become a Part of Your Care Team

Do you play an active role in your health? If you have to think about that question, the answer might be no. Remember, your pharmacists are likely cross-checking your medications to ensure no adverse drug reactions take place. If you are not upfront or accurate about other medications or supplements you are taking, it makes it much harder for a pharmacist to identify possible issues through medication management.

Instead, be sure to ask questions, have up to date information on hand and play a role in your health. Your pharmacist is just as invested in your health as you are, so this is a major win for the both of you. 

3. Share a Testimonial

If you’ve had a positive experience with your pharmacist or pharmacy – share it! Pharmacists are a part of the service industry and are thankful to those patients who take the time to share positive feedback. Email, mail or leave a review on social media. Your experience might just lead other patients into switching their pharmacy.

4. Become a Repeat Customer

There is nothing a pharmacist values more than customer loyalty. At IWP, our pharmacists pride themselves on how closely connected they have become to our patients. As you begin to fill new prescriptions with your existing pharmacy team, you’ll start to develop a deeper patient-provider relationship – one that is of the utmost importance to a pharmacist.

Common Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist

If you have a pharmacist you would like to thank, don’t wait until next October to do so. By using any of these four ways, you’ll be celebrating American Pharmacists Month all your-round – and your health just might benefit as a result. 


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