The Ultimate Guide to Drug Formularies

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Drug formularies aren't a new concept in the world of workers' compensation. Since 2011, when Texas introduced their closed drug formulary, states have been lining up to start discussions around whether a formulary was right for them. 

As of 2018, well over a dozen states have considered workers' comp drug formulary legislation. States like Arizona, Arkansas, and Tennessee currently have drug formularies in place, while New York and Indiana are in the process of implementing their own. 

In our latest eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Drug Formularies, we dive into all aspects of workers' comp drug formularies, including:

  • Three different formulary options and how they differ
  • A look into which states have considered drug formularies 
  • Push back from the health care community
  • Reports on formulary success in states like Ohio and Texas

The Ultimate Guide to Drug Formularies {eBook}

You can download a complete copy of The Ultimate Guide to Drug Formularies here or by clicking the link above. 


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