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Prioritizing Safety with IWP's Four-Point Quality Check

IWP's 4-point Quality Check

At IWP, our pharmacists go well beyond filling medications. They identify and prevent medication-related problems with our Four-Point Quality Check system.

What is a four-point quality check? Quite simply, it’s a review process that checks each prescription four times before it is shipped.

IWP's Four-Point Quality Check System:

  • First technician review l Data entry of the prescription by technician
  • First pharmacist review l Sent ready to pharmacist
  • Second technician review l Filling by the pharmacy technician
  • Second pharmacist review l Final verification by pharmacist

IWP Pharmacists

Our team of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians are experienced and knowledgeable on the nuances of workers' compensation and work-related injuries. As advocates, they work closely with the prescriber and the patient to ensure there are no questions or issues related to the medication treatment plan

As THE Patient Advocate Pharmacy, IWP works tirelessly so that our patients receive the right medications and benefits they need to return to a productive life.

IWP Is the Workers' Comp Pharmacy for You