Four-Point Quality Check

At IWP, our pharmacists go well beyond filling medications; they identify and prevent medication-related problems with our four-point quality check system.

What is a four-point quality check? Quite simply, it’s a review process that checks each prescription four times before it is shipped.

IWP's Four-Point Quality Check System:

  • First technician review l Data entry of the prescription by technician
  • First pharmacist review l Sent ready to pharmacist
  • Second technician review l Filling by the pharmacy technician
  • Second pharmacist review l Final verification by pharmacist

IWP Pharmacists:

  • Have more than 20 years of clinical experience
  • Hold their patients’ interest above all others

As THE Patient Advocate Pharmacy, IWP works tirelessly so that our patients receive the right medications and benefits they need to return to a productive life.



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