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State of the States, January 21

iStock-1284193587 (1)What's happening this week in workers' compensation? IWP's weekly legislative wrap-up, State of the States, keeps you up to date on important matters within the workers' compensation and pharmacy arena.

This week's legislative wrap-up contains updates from Kansas, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oklahoma & Virginia along with National news.

  • In Kansas, a bill is being considered that would protect medical cannabis patients from being denied workers’ compensation benefits.
  • The Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents reports that over 12,700 workers filed a claim due to covid exposure while on the job.
  • New Jersey amended its statutes to include employer parking lots as areas compensable under workers’ compensation should an employee injury occur.  
  • The Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Committee announced their 2022 Medical Fee Schedule.
  • Virginia legislators will look to add domestic workers to occupations eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.
  • On the National level workers’ compensation experts release their top trends going into 2022.

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This edition includes an update on national news.  

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