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Meet Eric Kelso. Eric is a Supervisor of Claims here at IWP and oversees a team of dedicated Claims Resolution Specialists.

While you may not have ever spoken with Eric, the work that he and his team do are some of the most important components of our unique process. He works diligently with insurance carriers to fight for our patient’s prescription benefits, all while having a vast knowledge of workers’ comp policies around the country.

Get a glimpse into Eric’s life here at IWP and what accomplishments he’s most proud of.

Eric, let’s start with an ice breaker. If you weren’t a Claims Supervisor at IWP, what would you be doing?

I think being a game show host could be a pretty fun life.

Interesting profession. Can you tell me what the most rewarding part of your job is?

I enjoy having the opportunity to work with the people I do and be a part of the creative problem-solving process along with them. It’s truly satisfying to be a part of the process and it’s continued refinement, rather than simply following one, and getting to see the positive effects it has.

I’m continually motivated by seeing such efforts increase efficiency in our processes, quality in our work, and most importantly, quality of life for our patients by making sure they get the medications they need.

It also doesn’t hurt that the people I work with are fun, too!

How have our patients impacted your role here at IWP?

Given the work we do is centered around healthcare, it is impossible not be mindful of how each action we take may affect patients. This guides my decision-making and is a continuous motivating factor in what I do.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned about the workers’ comp system?

Just how broken the system can be. Workers’ compensation is not built to make life easy for injured workers.

What sets IWP apart from other pharmacies?

We are a true advocate for the patient. Most pharmacies are resigned to simply relaying yes or no responses from insurance carriers. We take the extra steps to push back on negative decisions, pursuing better determinations, or at minimum, we obtain and provide better clarification for the patient.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I’m proud of a few different spreadsheets and programs that I’ve created that help better predict and manage the team’s workloads.

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Have you had a great experience with Eric? Comment below and let him know how he has helped you in your recovery!


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