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What is a Home Delivery Pharmacy?


Retail pharmacies, like CVS and Walgreens, seem to occupy every street corner from coast to coast. With nearly 70 percent of Americans taking at least one prescription medication, it’s not uncommon for people to feel comfortable and become familiar with their local retail pharmacy and pharmacy staff. 

What’s most convenient about these types of pharmacies is the ability for shoppers to pick up other items on their grocery list while waiting for their prescription. Things like magazines, birthday cards and holiday candy all seem to make the trip home after filling a prescription.

And while those same 70 percent of Americans are frequenting their pharmacy for medications related to their chronic condition like diabetes or heart disease, it begs the question – would this process be as convenient if my medications were for an injury?

For those suffering from a workers' compensation injury, leaving your home to stand in line at a retail pharmacy may not be feasible. In addition, workers’ compensation prescriptions are treated very differently than those run under your general healthcare plan. And while your diabetes medication may be accepted under your employer’s healthcare coverage, the pain medication for your work injury may not be.

Home Delivery Pharmacy

Originally, home delivery, or mail order, pharmacies were created as a means of getting prescription medications to patients who were without transportation. They have since evolved into a method of getting the right medications to the patient at the right time – helping to increase adherence and taking convenience a step further.

Many home delivery pharmacies boast the ability to send up to a three months’ supply of medications for half the copay. However, these pharmacies typically carry a 7-10 day turnaround time from the date the prescription is received. For injured workers, those time tables aren’t acceptable when recovering from an injury.

While home delivery pharmacies up the convenience factor, the medications themselves are still processed under the same system – often denying or delaying workers' comp medications

Workers’ Compensation Specialty Pharmacy

We’ve changed the way workers' comp prescriptions are handled.

Injured Workers Pharmacy (IWP) is a specialized workers’ compensation home delivery pharmacy. Unlike traditional home delivery pharmacies that carry a 7-10 wait time for workers' compensation prescriptions, IWP overnights the medication the same day we receive the prescription – with no delays or denials.  

As injured worker advocates, we collaborate with your physician, attorney and insurance carrier to ensure that your medications are delivered to your doorstep with little to no out of pocket cost. Our team of experienced pharmacists are always available for confidential consultations, so that you feel comfortable in your treatment plan.

Simply put, our convenient home delivery service makes the entire workers’ compensation prescription process easy for injured workers.

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