The Ultimate Playlist to Reduce Workplace Stress 


Can music help relieve workplace stress? According to researchers at Stanford University, listening to music may change brain functioning to the same extent as medication. Music has been proven to act as a stress management tool, improve memory and even help you crush your workouts. 

However, the biggest benefit is that music, no matter the type, can affect each individual differently and act as an escape or distraction from every day stressors - like those in the workplace.

For some, classical music may be the genre that helps to slow you down and destress, while hard rock might do the same trick for others. No matter the style of music, it’s impact has been profound within the workplace.

Next time you feel yourself majorly stressing during the workday, plug in your headphones and tune into the playlist below.

De-stress Playlist

A playlist featuring Moby, M83, Claude Debussy, and others

Not feeling this particular playlist? Try music services, like Spotify or Pandora and organize a calming playlist of your own.

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