State of the States, June 4

Firefighters and EMTs in IllinoisWhat's happening this week in workers' compensation? IWP's weekly legislative wrap-up, State of the States, keeps you up to date on important matters within the workers' compensation and pharmacy arena.

This week's legislative wrap-up contains updates including:

  • The Governor of Illinois is expected to sign a new bill that amends the state's Workers' Compensation Act to provide a presumption for firefighters and emergency technicians regarding contagious staph infections.
  • A new bill in Maryland clarifies language in earlier statutes allowing a rebuttable presumption for next of kin to receive workers' comp benefits from workers who have perished from contracting COVID-19 during the course of employment.
  • Nationally, a new WCRI report found that physician-dispensed drugs accounted for more than half of drug costs per claim during the first quarter of 2020 in four states: Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Maryland.

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This edition includes no other updates.  

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