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State of the States June 14, 2024



IWP State Icons GrayBlue _NationalNationalNational Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine released a new report on long COVID-19. The report states that “brain fog” and autonomic dysfunction, both symptoms of long COVID, demonstrated impairment to individuals’ ability to work or attend school for six to two years. According to the findings, symptoms of long COVID fell short on capturing disability metrics.  

The National Safety Council released a report on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and workplace injury prevention. The report aims to encourage organizations to look at understanding work systems, workplace and equipment design, and organizational practices.  

NCCI released its June 2024 Labor Market Insights Report. This report aims to provide a broad overview of labor market statistics and their impact on the workers’ compensation world. According to the report job growth surpassed market expectation for May, and payroll growth remains competitive.

IWP State Icons GrayBlue _ColoradoColorado Late last week, Colorado Governor Jared Polis enacted HB 24-1220. As a reminder, HB 24-1220 would allow injured workers to receive benefit payments through direct deposit, if requested, and includes loss of an ear to the list of other body parts where employees can receive whole personal permanent impairment benefits. The bill also aims to ensure an injured employee will not be fired if they do not accept an offer of modified employment that involves driving to and from the place of employment if their medical condition restricts the injured workers from driving.


IWP State Icons GrayBlue _MassachusettsMassachusetts The Massachusetts Department of Public Health released data showing significant decline in opioid death rates. According to the data, from 2022 – 2023 there were 232 fewer confirmed and estimated deaths, which is the largest single-year drop in opioid deaths in 20 years.  


H 4743 was introduced in the House this week. The bill is a wide-ranging substance use disorder and opioid treatment bill.  The bill aims to address treatment and coverage including Narcan as well as recovery coach licensure. 


IWP State Icons GrayBlue _NewJerseyNew Jersey S 2283 is currently in the Senate and has garnered bipartisan support. If passed, S 2283 would allow for the production and use of psilocybin (a hallucinogenic chemical) to promote health and wellness. According to the bill, the drug would only be offered to people aged 21 and patients who were referred to use the drug by a health care practitioner.  

IWP State Icons GrayBlue _OhioOhio HB 80 is currently in the House in front of the Health Provider Services Committee. HB 80 would expand the roles and responsibilities of a pharmacist. According to the bill, a pharmacist would be able to conduct screenings, order labs, diagnose tests, evaluate the results of screenings to treat health conditions such as influenza and COVID-19.  


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