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Beat the Heat: 4 Essential Reasons to Avoid Too Much Sun Exposure

Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure

With summer upon us, it’s vital to avoid excessive sun exposure, or to at least limit the time you spend in the sun. Not only does prolonged exposure increase your risk of incurring sun damage or melanoma, but it can have an adverse effect on your medications, as well. In our ongoing efforts to promote and enhance your overall health and safety, IWP has put together a list of the primary reasons to avoid excessive sun exposure. Take a look, and remember to slather on the sunscreen before you head out of the house this summer.

Too Much Vitamin D

Although there are numerous reasons to avoid sun exposure, it’s also necessary for your health. Short term sun exposure is commonly recommended daily to provide the body with vitamin D naturally. The sun provides vitamin D through contact to the skin. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that is required for many normal bodily functions. The sun is crucial for our health, but like everything else, too much of it can become toxic for the body.

You can still step outside to get your daily dose of vitamin D, but you have to be careful when you do so. Above all else, you want to avoid that toxicity.

Risking the Health of Your Skin

One of the most important reasons to avoid too much sun exposure is that it puts the health of your skin at risk. Long term exposure to the sun has been clinically proven to cause skin cancer, melanoma, and a combination of skin reactions. That's why you need to wear sunscreen when you go out, along with a hat for shade. Sunglasses help, too. As you’ll see, prolonged sun exposure can even affect the way your body reacts to your medications.

Possible Medication Reactions

Reasons to Avoid Sun Exposure

It’s hard to believe, but sun exposure can have an effect on the medications you take regularly. In fact, when a patient is taking any medication, including antibiotics and topical patches, it is important to stay out of long term direct sunlight. With long exposure comes higher risk of rash, burning, or severe skin reactions.

Dehydration Disaster

Another reason to avoid sun exposure is that too much sun will dry out your body. Direct sun exposure produces a higher risk of dehydration, which can be detrimental for patients of all ages, especially the elderly. When exposing yourself to the sun, always remember to drink plenty of water. 

IWP wants you to stay happy, healthy, and safe this summer. Enjoy the warm weather but beat the heat by taking precautions to avoid sun exposure. Practice smart habits anytime you spend the day outside. Check back to learn about the best ways to prevent too much exposure to the heat and the sun.

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