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CTE and Its Effect on the NFL Whitepaper

These days Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is almost synonymous with professional sports leagues. But how do we handle such a unique and mysterious disease? Can our workers' compensation systems be an avenue to providing protection for those professional athletes, and others, who develop CTE as a result of their on the job injuries? 

In our latest white paper, Tackling the Work Comp Connection to CTE, we examine the hurdles professional athletes must face when trying to secure workers' comp coverage for CTE. 

You'll also find information on:

  • Why CTE has received so much attention in the last few years
  • What issues arise when CTE and workers' comp collide
  • The impact of recent NFL player lawsuits on the CTE and workers' comp conversation 

Download a complete copy of IWP's Tackling the Work Comp Connection to CTE for an inside look at the link between CTE and workers' compensation. 


Download our Whitepaper