Local pharmacies aren't the best option for Injured Workers.

Workers’ compensation is a different type of insurance from a patient’s health insurance. It can be confusing and time-consuming for patients and providers to navigate. Injured Workers Pharmacy (IWP) streamlines the entire process to make getting prescriptions stress-free by providing:


  • Next-day home delivery of workers’ comp medications - same-day in some instances.
  • No upfront or out-of-pocket costs for the injured worker.

  • No hassles or unnecessary delays in getting prescriptions.
  • Friendly, multilingual team looking out for the patient/worker.

Big Pharmacies Have Big Problems

When it comes to filling workers' compensation prescriptions, retail pharmacies aren't the best option for injured workers. IWP makes fulfilling your Injured Workers' prescription easy - Peace of mind is just a day away.

Our process is simple.


Ask your doctor to make IWP your Preferred Pharmacy


We’ll contact you within 60 minutes to complete enrollment


Medication is sent next-day right to your home*

Ready to get started?

Tell your doctor to use IWP as your Preferred Pharmacy for all your workers’ compensation prescriptions – and let our dedicated team with 20 years of experience do the rest!

Use the link below to show your doctor when asked for your preferred pharmacy.


Use IWP as My Preferred Pharmacy


Your trusted pharmacy partner.

IWP operates at the center of patient care. Here’s how our experience with pain management and traumatic injuries has allowed us to shift the focus from simply managing prescription benefits to working as an advocate for our patients and their healthcare providers.


Medication synchronization program to boost med adherence and streamline deliveries


Dedicated care team allocated for patients with complex or catastrophic injuries


Clinical intervention and prescription safeguard performed by our clinical pharmacy staff