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Application of the 2022 CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Pain within Workers’ Compensation.

Featured panelists:
Jeffrey E. Hazlewood, MD
Marc R. Gerber, MD

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Pharmacy Choice White Paper sm

Pharmacy Choice

This whitepaper explores the rules, limits, and procedures regarding an injured worker’s ability to choose their pharmacy provider.

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Pain Management White Paper Cover - sm

Pain Management 

This whitepaper explores the growing sphere of pharmacological and non-pharmacological options for managing pain in workers’ compensation. 

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Uncovering medical marijuana in workers compensation white paper cover

Uncovering Medical Marijuana in Workers’ Compensation

Medical marijuana remains illegal on the federal level, but some states are beginning to recognize its power as an alternative treatment option for injured workers dealing with pain. IWP’s white paper dives into notable cases against the usage and what’s to come for marijuana in workers’ comp.

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Cancer Preseumptions Cover sm

Cancer and Chronic Illness Presumptions in Workers’ Compensation

IWP's whitepaper gives readers an overview of current and proposed cancer presumptions amongst U.S. states.

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WFH Whitepaper

Working From Home & Workers' Compensation

Interruptions from the pandemic continue to push the U.S. workforce from the office to home desk stations. Once a popular trend, work from home (WFH) is now the standard for many job sectors in the American economy.

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Telemedicine WP sm

Developments in Telemedicine
Amongst the States 2021

Telemedicine is gaining a significant presence in the workers’ compensation industry. Due to the pandemic, numerous healthcare clinicians turned to the virtual world to accommodate their patients’ wide range of medical needs to compensate for less physical access to providers. 

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COVID-19 White Paper Cover sm

Workers' Compensation

Lawmakers continue to grapple with who is eligible for workers’ compensation and in what situations after essential and frontline workers were at the forefront throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our white paper explores how different states have handled the issue.

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Your Covid-19 vaccine questions answered sm

What You Should Know About the COVID-19 Vaccine

With the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine, we know that many of you have questions. IWP has the answers.

Download our informative infographic to learn about what the vaccine does, how much it costs, and much more.

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Infographic - What to do when you are injured at work 375x485

What To Do When You're Injured at Work Infographic

No one expects to be hurt at work. But when you are, you should be prepared with the right information on what to do next.

Follow our 8 simple steps after you've experienced a work injury in this helpful infographic. 

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IWP COVID Webinar - Vertical-01

Webinar: What Workers Should Know During COVID-19

Whether you are an injured worker whose treatment has been somewhat interrupted by the virus or a front-line worker wondering if and how workers' compensation will apply to you if exposed, this webinar is for you. Tune in to watch our speakers discuss COVID-19 from both a regulatory and clinical perspective.

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ePrescribe eBook FINAL

Leveling Up With Electronic Prescribing eBook

Electronic prescribing is no passing trend. States like Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Arizona have opted for electronic prescribing mandates in the best interest of patient safety and in an effort to combat the nation's opioid epidemic. IWP's eBook explores electronic prescribing's impact on pharmacy workflow and how an EHR system can offer clinical support to prescribers. 

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Webinar - NY WC Drug Formulary - Vertical

Webinar: New York Workers' Compensation Drug Formulary

In June 2019, the New York Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) officially adopted a workers' compensation drug formulary. This pre-recorded webinar will help prescribers better understand the important changes this formulary will have for both medical professionals and injured workers in the state of New York, and for out of state providers who are treating New York claimants. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Drug Formularies eBook

The Ultimate Guide to Drug Formularies eBook

Each state’s drug formulary implementation, regulatory infrastructure, and choice of guideline is different. This eBook dives into the different type of drug formularies, the states that have passed formulary legislation, and why the health care community is pushing back.

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patient pain resource for injured workers

Patient Pain Resource for Injured Workers

We know pain can sometimes be a confusing and frustrating thing. That’s why we’ve created the Patient Pain Resource for Injured Workers to provide alternative treatment options, like meditation and acupuncture, and how to set realistic and attainable pain management goals.

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Tackling the Work Comp Connection to CTE

Tackling the Work Comp Connection to CTE

Professional athletes face a number of hurdles when trying to secure workers’ comp coverage for CTE. As the number of cases build and awareness is drawn to the disease, many athletes are wondering when CTE will be recognized and covered under workers’ compensation.

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The war on opioids

The War on Opioids White Paper

States across the country have explored responses to the opioid epidemic. Approaches like prescribing guidelines, fill limits, class action lawsuits, and safety packaging are all avenues states like Massachusetts and Arizona have considered to reduce the amount of opioid overdose deaths and usage across the country.

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The ultimate guide to the PDMP

The Ultimate Guide to the PDMP eBook

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs, or PDMP, have been used across the country to collect information about what controlled substances were dispensed, how, to whom and by whom. See how PDMPs help combat drug diversion, identify at-risk individuals, and reduce doctor shopping.

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