IWP is THE Patient Advocate Pharmacy

We mail your workers' comp prescription medications right to your doorstep at no cost to you, hassle-free.

Medication delivered to your doorstep, it’s that simple.

IWP is not your average pharmacy. We specialize in the complex workers’ comp system and help injured workers get their medications without the delays and denials you may experience at your local pharmacy.

Here’s how we make things simple and easy for you:

  • Medications delivered right to your home
  • No upfront or out-of-pocket cost for prescriptions
  • Experienced pharmacy staff always available to you



Our process is simple.


Call 888-321-7945 to activate your account


Have your doctor send us your workers’ comp prescriptions


Your medicine gets delivered right to your doorstep next-day!


Every recovery is different and not all injuries are the same.

We believe personalized care is the key to recovery. Whether your goal is getting back to work or better managing the negative effects of chronic pain, our team is here to help and just a phone call away.

  • Continuous prescription care throughout your injury
  • Friendly, multilingual staff who advocate for your best interest
  • Commitment to making happy, healthy patients


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Have you experienced a workplace injury?

Learn what to do when you're injured at work, step-by-step.

Infographic: What To Do When You're Injured at Work


Injured in an automobile accident in New Jersey?

IWP can help.


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