Submit Prescriptions to IWP in a FLASH!

Submit Prescriptions to IWP in a FLASH!

With more and more physicians submitting their prescriptions electronically, IWP can accept all controlled and non-controlled Schedule II through VI prescriptions electronically via our ePrescribe process. No hassles, no worries, no faxes or mailings. IWP will have you up and running in just minutes, using your certified electronic health record (EHR) application.


  • Contact your electronic health record (EHR) application provider to ensure your system is certified to send controlled (Schedule II through Schedule V) medications 
  • Search for Injured Workers Pharmacy in the lookup or by IWP’s NCPDP ID# 2238877
  • Complete the required demographic and prescription information
  • Submit the prescription and related demographic information with the click of a button
  • Prescriptions will be automatically added to IWP’s work queue

IWP has met the stringent security requirements of electronic prescribing and is officially certified as an electronic prescribing controlled substance provider and pharmacy by Drummond Group, an independent third-party auditor.

Get started today on this speedy transmission method. Same-day enrollment and shipment of the medications mean peace of mind  delivered for patients – and office staff.